Ein Mail von Peter Lorange

Betreff: werbung unter ihrer verantwortlichkeit

Dear Sikander,

I received your information as well as I have seen some other mails you sent to a list of people. Let me answer you briefly. The legal procedures and registrations, as you are certainly aware, take some time. I can confirm that I am the new owner of the company and the President of GSBA. As I only took over end of July, you'll understand that my new team and I will need some time to analyze and to decide what we will keep and what we will have to change. Please rest assured that based on my academic reputation and my own ethical standards I will not tolerate any misleading communication. Changes will come in due course. However, I cannot be held responsible for the past and would request some understanding and respect for the first 100 days usually granted to all new leaders in business and politics.
Kind regards, 


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