ein mail an die Organe der GSBA Immobilien AG Peter Lorange, Walter Lee, Konrad Stierlin, DMT Dieter Meyer Treuhand

Betreff: Aktien GSBA Immobilien AG 

liebe organe der gsba immobilien ag

die unicredit bat um eine eingabe in englischer sprache. hier die eingabe so gut es halt geht, der business english kurs der damals von der oekreal/gsba, heute lorange institute of business, im kursprogramm eingeplant war, hat ja nie stattgefunden...

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as a share holder of the unicredit group i ask you to take the following points on the agenda of the next general assembly

the previously landes- & westbank called institute held shares in a nominal value of sfr. 12'000 of gsba immobilien ag in switzerland. because of various takeovers, these shares became part of the unicredit group.
gsba immobilien ag ist today part of the "lorange institute of business" named organization.

the district attorney of horgen has been requested to check, if the figures the previously gsba, now lorange institute of business, organisation published, were false and if the reportings have to be checked with regards to fraudulous aspects. the figures show, that by applying a too high figure in the staff cost, profits were withdrawn from the company gsba immobilien ag, so the company did not not show and not give the profit to the share holders.
the owner of the forementioned sfr. 12'000 shares did not notice that the figures were manipulated. in the meantime the shares have been sold. the sale of the nominal sfr. 12'000 shares therefore were based on wrong figures and the shares were sold at a too low price, i.e. a loss for the unicredit-group.

the questions to be answered infront of the general assembly are therefore

what did the board of unicredit undertake to
- check that shares held by the unicredit group are monitored in such a way, so that such wrong balancesheets and profit & loss statements are reported and action is taken when taking part at the genereal assemby of the companies you are holding shares (i.e. here the gsba immobilien ag)
- claim the loss unicredit made by selling the shares at a too low price because the share price was fixed based on the false balance sheets of the past years. has the board asked a lawyer to look into the matter and take action against the board of gsba immobilien ag issuing the wrong balance sheets (i.e. albert stähli and/or konrad stierlin) or the auditor (i.e. dmt dieter meyer treuhand, thalwil) or the formerly gsba now lorange institute of business called organisation?
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falls jemand auch aktien der unicredit hält, wird er ja hierzu sicher von der unicredit direkt etwas hören.



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