Ein Mail an Peter Lorange

Betreff: werbung unter ihrer verantwortlichkeit


good morning

thank you for explanations. i imagine, that you have found a lot of problems that must be solved within gsba. i wonder if 100 days are enough... during the due diligence (that must have taken place before the purchase of the company), the different problems within the company must have been part of the list. and if you compare the procedures that were applied when the company should have been sold in 2005 with the present situation you will see, that at that time the potential buyers asked for confirmations showing that cases like for example jaqueline fendt have been settled before they take over.

and ... you can be held responsible for the past, because it is the company that is responsible. if for example you receive a tax bill, because a board member in previous years delcared profits that were taken out of the company as a salary, then you will not be able to tell the tax man, that you are not responsible for the penalty the company might face. if you are faced with students that state, that the value of the diplomas they received does not correspond with the promises made at the time when they signed the contract, then it is the company that is held responsible. etc.

some things should therefore better be compared to when you buy a second hand car. if you find out after the first time sitting in the car, that it is in a bad ship-shape then you better have them done immediately. i.e. you better fix your blinker if it blinks on the right side when you intend to turn to the left, because you might end up in an accident before 100 days are over. people with an old british driving licence might solve the problem by showing where they want to go to by waving the arm... but when it comes to brakes not functioning, then ... (if i buy a second-hand car i remember the words a comedian said with reference to nixon).

if you look at how true and reliable the informations from horgen are and were (regardless if we talk about figures established by beat herren oder statements from dmt treuhand or news letters from lucia peters or info-sheets that lead you to carl jung) and then read the communication regarding the sale of gsba, you will see: is not clear.
so, if we stay with comparing with cars, a mercedes or a smart will always be compared with the "elch test", and some italian makes are immediatley thought as to be full of rust.

regarding info of sale of gsba: you can't buy a gsba, because gsba does not exist.
you can't buy a gsba graduate school of business administration oekreal foundation, because a foundation belongs to no one

so, when looking though the list of companies, the most possible thing that was sold is oekreal ag.
but... there are also other companies involved, such as gsba immobilien ag (that sometime is consolidated as a 100% ownership, but is not), the IFMA, and some more foundations. so when i read that gsba has been purchased by peter lorange it is obvious, that i do not believe in such kind of communication.

and when it comes to communications and promises that are made today to people singning into new courses, i would compare it to a car without brakes.

i wish you a sunny day and a nice weekend


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