Ein Mail an Peter Lorange plorange@imd.ch

Betreff: diplomas gsba/oekreal

good morning

as you know, holders of diplomas from GSBA have now and then a problem to publish their diplomas because it is not allowed. even professors from GSBA faced this problem. as a directors award winner from GSBA you sure have a good idea, how the diplomas of GSBA can be adjusted to what was promised at the time they were sold.
will you take care, that the holder of the oekreal/gsba diplomas has no problems carriing the title?( i.e. taking the risk to have to pay thousands of swiss francs because the title is not allowed to be used in parts of switzerland?)

thanks for an info and kind regards


Antwort: Peter Lorange teilt mit, er sei noch bis 27. Juli abwesend und werde sich danach darum kümmern.


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