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 good evening

apart from the question, how lorange institute of business was validated, the supporting documents to these MBA and MSc diplomas that are advertised by lorange institute bring up another question:

the current MBA and MSc documents mention the word dissertation. normaly a dissertation is made to receive a doctorate. do the students really have to write a dissertation?
furthermore one paper says, that the institute works together with various partner universities such as

---- quote
R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, USA
IBMEC – Instituto Brasileiro de Mercato de Capitais, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien
IIM – Indian Institute of Management, New Delhi, Indien
USB – University of Stellenbosch Business School, Stellenbosch, Südafrika
MIRBIS – Moscow Business School, Moskau, Russland
---- unquote

when the management of gsba changed a few moths ago, the informations published by the new management made me believe, that the new stragey is not based on partnerships as advertised under the old management.

could you please confirm, that the MSc and MBA students really write a dissertation and that the partner universities are still part of these validated programs?

thank you and kind regards



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