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Betreff: Partnership?

 good morning

according to your validation papers for gsba graduate school of business administration, now listed on your website under lorange institute of business (formerly oekreal ag), you make people believe, that somebody entering a course today will be learning in a school that has a partnership with various universities listed in your papers. please find hereafter a quote that shows, that your validation is not only based on the wrong imagination, that gsba has changed it's name to lorange institute, but that also the partnership listed does not exist for students entering the program today.

---- quote
Email from Robert H. Smith School of Business:

We are no longer accepting students into the joint degree program we once had with GSBA/Lorange. We do have a handful of previously-admitted students who are still finishing up their degrees at this time, but when they all have graduated the joint degree program partnership will no longer exist.

---- unquote

are all the other partnerships you list in your papers still correct?

thanks for an info and kind regards



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