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Betreff: GSBA / Oekreal / Lorange Institute

good morning


is the link on your website that leads to a school in horgen, zurich, switzerland.

on the above mentioned page you headline a school named lorange institute of business, zurich. to be precise, it should better read horgen, zurich. (for your info: lorange institute of business ag is located in a the city named horgen, the city is in the state of zurich, and the state of zurich is part of the country named switzerland)

at present there are no titles that you seem to have validated for that institute on the above page, but you still have links from that site to MBA and MSc diplomas that seem to be validated. the supporting documents you link to - last updated on july 27th 2010 - refer to a GSBA graduate school of business administration.

this kind of advertising is a bit confusing. are there or are there no more MBA oder MSc diplomas available in horgen?

thanks for an info and kind regards



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