Ein Mail an die University of Wales

Betreff: GSBA / Oekreal / Lorange Institute

good afternoon

a few days ago it looked like lorange institute of business is no more validated by wales. the institution search on your website did no more show a lorange institute, and on the webpage no degrees were listed anymore.

since today you again show a lorange institute of business, zurich, with several validated degrees. as supporting documents you publish documents that are related to gsba, horgen, on these papers you also list various partnerships of gsba related to your validation.
as you know, the partnership with minimum one of the institutes you list is not valid for new students.

do you validate degrees for gsba registered with no. CH-020.7.901.649-5 in the registrar of companies, or do you validated degrees for lorange institute of business ag (ex oekreal ag), horgen, registered with no CH-020.3.919.011-1 in the registrar of companies?

thanks for an info and kind regards



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