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Betreff: GSBA / Oekreal / Lorange Institute

good morning

according to the information on a web-site (see attached printscreen), lorange institute of business zurich has a accreditation oder recognition by the SBF, i.e. the state secretariat for education and research (http://www.sbf.admin.ch/htm/sbf/sbf_en.html).
i already contacted the SBF to find out, what exactly has been awarded a accreditation oder recognition. until today i have unfortunately not received any answer that confirms what is published on that website.

is this something you checked when validating the school? as far as i remeber, the pr and advertisement should also be something that you look at when validating a institute. or is this as wrong as the partners listed in your supporting documents from july 2010?

thanks for an info and kind regards




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